Our Pad Printing department can cover almost anything, from everyday products to objects of a more specialised or technical nature, whether it be irregular, concave or convex shaped.

We can print in one or more colours, reproducing the finest of detail with a high degree of accuracy. A high array of different product types can be printed onto including, Pens, Golf Balls, Injection Moulded parts, Keytops etc.—the list is endless. Contact Us

Pad Printing Eidelweiss Tap Handles

4 colour Pad Printing is an art at the best of times, making sure the image is sharp and maintaining registration of all the colours. The fine detail in this job meant a challenge, but the finished result shows how well it can be achieved.

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Pad Printing on an Artificial Aircraft Sphere

Absolute precision was the key with this one! A jig was engineered to enable printing every line in exactly the right position, quite important on an aircraft instrument! Each line was printed individually as the object was rotated, to keep it perpendicular with the printing pad. The end result was very satisfying, these are the kind of challenging jobs we can take on.

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Printing on Speakers

These speakers were a promotional ‘give away’ and are typical of simpler, high volume work. These were printed on the one-colour machine but we could just as easily print multi-spot colours or in 4 colour process for tint work etc.

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