The printing of cylindrical items can present a whole new set of problems, particularly with the registration of more than two colours, but with more than twenty years tackling this type of work we can overcome most difficulties.

Various items can be rotary printed such as pens, bullet casings, buckets and mugs/jugs. Small and detailed work in single or multi-coloured. Contact Us

T.N.T. shot glasses

These T.N.T shot glasses are not so much glasses, as large acrylic tubes. They were perhaps not the most demanding of jobs to do, but effective when fully assembled

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Radiator Valve Cap rotary printing

Here is a typical example of much of the rotary printed work we do. Although pretty simple, being only one colour, the important thing is to make sure the start and finish position of the numbers are correct. Working through large numbers of this kind of item quickly is not a problem. We can also print as many different colours as you like, and work with much larger items.

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Rotary Printed Red Stripe Beer Pump

These large cylindrical font housings are typical rotary printed items. They look simple enough to print as you watch the video clip, but accurate setting up of the job was important to ensure the finished print was lined up correctly with the threaded boss at the rear of the cylinder and in the centre. Although only a 3 colour job, they had to be printed in 4 operations to effectively […]

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